Soul Much Better with Actions

Soul Much Better and Less Disconnect – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

Take 15 minutes during your day to be still (whether every day, thrice a week, or even just once ever) to become “soul much better”! Think of an area of life such as your career, relations, finances, fashion, brand, home, or whatever is currently top of your list for moving you forward, where you are complacent or stuck. Settle into a comfortable spot, be still, close your eyes, give yourself a “mental rub” slowly from the tips of your toes up through and over all of your physical being and then settle into a beautiful breath out and in, out and in. Concentrate on that breathing and nothing else for a minute or two.

Steps to Connect and Notch Things Up

Now think about that specific challenge, tiny or huge, think about the disconnect, the block. As ideas and actions come to mind, some will make your to do list. Open your eyes, literally, and write those ideas down. What a bridge you have just built. You can now get from Soul Street to Satisfied Street today, bypassing roadblocks.

Complementing focus strategies, where nightly lists are built after reflecting on the day, this daytime exercise connecting to your soul to develop ideas and implement corrections is productive. To achieve our “to do’s” where we might otherwise be stuck is super exhilarating. “Connecting to your soul” is nothing lofty or woowoo. Just taking moments to listen to nagging opportunities to refine your approach is a progressive habit to develop.

Change of perspective, curiosity, and an open mind are great tools. Listen. Respect your inner wisdom and resourcefulness. Solutions, modifications, process improvements are a brief thought away. Innovative thinking brings alignment and purpose to todays’ activities. You will love progress. From tiny changes to huge discoveries, great satisfaction in daily living is soul much better!

Example: Stop Playing Small

I was doing some deep thinking about the purpose and content for this website. I had many thoughts, and a list of ideas. One of these was about how I enjoy growing and using herbs for cooking and teas, for medicinal benefits and delectable nourishment. Thinking about this I realized I was playing small. Planting more seeds, starting a daily morning harvest routine, researching, and using the right tools, are things I can begin today.

For my fellow herbalists, if you do not have these scissors, they make chopping herbs fast and fun. Today I chopped a dried fig leaf, and steeped it. After all of these years growing two fig trees I decided to lay out leaves on a plate to air dry a week ago. Research indicates that fig leaves are a good source of vitamin A, B1, and B2. They also contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, manganese, sodium, and potassium. Herb scissors and a tea infuser cup made preparation a simple task this morning. Yassssss

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