Well Being 2020

2019 Annual Review and 2020 Well Being Bucket List

Consider well being when planning a bucket list for the upcoming year. First take time to reflect and review, and your best life will be revealed to you; some things will need to change and some will not. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward. Only looking back.” Steve Jobs

Leave Behind and Be Balanced Naturally 

A debilitated ankle dominated my “well being” for half of 2019. The second half I had some guilt over launching my best life and doing what I love on the daily. My baby (4th child), who I recently fully acknowledged as a “man”, is confident and skillful and any doubts about that are all clearly in my rearview mirror along with that guilt and broken ankle. I have connected the dots and am now looking forward. There is so much change in the world, much of it is really good. I see how to be balanced, naturally, with resources, projects, and inspiration that flows better and less.


Well being put to the test (struggles), personal development (revelations), and learning (growth) that accompanies getting outside of the comfort zone is eventually a glorious outcome. In charge of attitude, choices, and the action, or inaction (I love this new tool) to take; follow dreams, and take action on things to be happy. Significant others must consider each other’s happiness when they make decisions. These things were locked and loaded several year ago for me. Resilience to overcome, trust in self, and faith will continue to perpetuate growth. Who will you be in 2020?

The 2020s will be the best decade yet…I control skills development, what I learn and do, decisions, and dedication. Without any investments since leaving the corporate world, other than purchasing a domain, hosting, security, and a provisional patent, I plan on investing in myself. Just a little step to start, and see how that goes. Vision to better connect, gather, and inform online to help inspire well being will be manifested. My All About page is due for an annual update. To do lists keep growing, and keep me growing as actions pull me forward into new realms and experiences.

Wild and Precious Life

My quote this past year has been “What will you do with this one wild and precious life”. It compelled me to make changes in career pursuits and downtime activities. “Hello!” to writing what I want to write about, learning to use a MAC and set up a website, photography, family time, creative cooking, organizing, reselling, and spending endless hours in total relaxation. Nurseries, Parks, Museums, Shops. Growing, walking, pondering. Master of My Time – I plan adventures daily. 🙂 🙂 Changes planned for 2020 pertain to writing, creative pursuits, and repurposing belongings.


2019 I began other new habits besides those already mentioned …. “skip the straw please”, use less saran wrap, less foil, less bags, less less less. I have definitely reduced my footprint this past year, and it was not hard. It is satisfying, thoughtful, and brings me joy. My daughter has been a source of inspiration and ideation.

There is much to discover. How about recycling at Kroger, an easy place to put those plastics that are not allowed in recycle pickup at home.
I notified Kroger, “I would appreciate less unnecessary use of plastic bags when packing. I think it is a training issue. I get so many bags with just one or two items in them. I bring in cloth bags, that barely get filled, and extra items are placed 1-4 to a plastic bag. One time a whole group of bags stuck together and were put in my cart attached to one bag. It seems obvious to me that there has not been training to efficiently use bags. THANK YOU so much for considering adding conservation habits to training.” Most all of us need to be enlightened. No shame in that.


I cook a lot, using up (YAY!) pantry items stored forever (oops) and fresh produce. Recipes are created that are simple, healthy, and decadently delicious. Recording them on digital cards and posting on Pinterest like my first one last week will persist this new decade. Reflection on root veggies and exotic fruits to be shared in a future post indicates some adventures to locate produce on the horizon. Meaningful photos and ancillary products procured are anticipated.


Better activity and less portion. Be balanced, naturally. That’s all on that. Hit it.

 Do It: Plants, Focus, Nature, Create, Faith

My most recent 15 Minute DIY project was to bring nature in with benefits that last for days on end. I am enjoying the magic of a fresh long needle evergreen cut from my back yard with lights and shimmering, highly ornate, ornaments in shades of silver. (The Epiphany deadline for the big Christmas put-away lets me linger a bit longer!) It has been a beautiful year filled with blessings. Faith when changing Priests is… well …. I feel inspired to return to bible study at church, to learn more about our new spiritual leader. I know that I am victorious already, with all things through God. Cataloguing simple 15 minute type solutions honed and packaged, so that anyone can do it, is a natural offspring to my “BetterAndLess” lifestyle that celebrates Plants, Focus, Nature, Creativity, and Faith. It is how to be balanced naturally and how I will spend my time, in ebullience.

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