Beginning of More Light

Beginning of More Light. 2020 Plan, Hope, Gather

Saturday was Winter Solstice, the shortest day of sunlight of the year. Therefore, yesterday was the beginning of more light, to continue on into 2020!  

Incidentally, today is beautiful in Nashville.  Get out in the sun wherever you are today if you can so your body can make and release Vitamin D.  The health benefits are just what my fam needs after struggling with colds for weeks.  

The beginning of more light in our lives going forward is a comforting and inspiring revelation  with multiple meanings. It is a great time for making plans, creating more value, and praying for more light and love for all. “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” Psalms 62:5   This is where hope is, to be true to who we are, to hold on, to gather and live our best life. 

“What has had the most lasting impact on me is that, in the storm and under pressure, God took me to a place of rest, comfort, and ultimately, to a place of absolute beauty. Even among discomfort, disappointment, and displacement, I was kept safe.” – Sheila Walsh

Hold on, hope, and gather light!

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