Why the Nature Habit Is So Beneficial

Turning to nature can become a habit. Before you make a big decision, walk outdoors. Duck out of work and family meetings for a moment to center yourself with some fresh air and sunlight.  Choose nature over manmade exhibits, habitats, and products. Stuck on thinking about an unnecessary snack? Change things up with an outdoor activity. A walk through a park instead of staying in to read books allows fresh air and ideas to flow through you. Floral and leaf designs and scents are more restorative than stripes and “fresh linen”. Outdoor scenes stir a balanced feeling like no amount of zenful furniture placement inside can. Sensations are magnificent as we delight in balmy winds, abhor thorn pricks (Wow That HURT!), and are amazed by animal sounds and appearances.

When in doubt, feeling sad or off, when you have finished something or are just starting, go outside. Especially when it’s inconvenient, revelations may be even more important. The nature habit gets you outside of the box, literally.  Your thinking becomes powerfully aligned, intuitive, effective and efficient.

What is the nature habit?

Opting for natural solutions whenever you can is a beneficial habit to get into.

What are the benefits once you have established natural solutions in life?

Along with preserving resources and causing less destruction to the environment and to our bodies, other benefits include mental, physical, and temporal well being. Feel balanced, naturally, at work, at home, and in all aspects of life.

How do you incorporate nature into life?

Observe it for solutions and relevant ideas. Experience it for immediate positive sensations. Return to nature to reflect and reset.

Mantra: Better and Less, be balanced, naturally

There is much value in observing nature as a model for how we can live joyfully. Applications are limitless. My first lessons in this came as a gardener when every stage of a plant reminded me of the miracles of God. Then I learned that synthetic drugs replicate natural herbs and their structures. This confirmed how herbs I grew and harvested were helping my family naturally. Incorporating nature into our day in everything we do can become a habit. Natural balance is achieved this way.

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