Enjoy Holidays

12 days till Christmas 2019, How to enjoy holidays.

How are you doing? So busy, how to enjoy the holidays, is a problem sometimes. My list has been longer than the number of hours needed to complete it and I have run from one task to another. With music and twinkle lights and candles and fresh pine scents, the busyness of December is Merry. I have had time for all of those important connections with family and friends. I have not missed anything like last year when I broke my ankle early December. Enjoy holidays, partake whenever you can.

There is a little time left before company arrives next week. Focus will shift then, and I will purposely slow down and savor everything. I hope.  What are any new shows out? That is a fun activity for next week.  I picked up a new game too. With just a few gifts left to select, it is time to let baking dominate.

Some of my practices to take good care include good sleep, healthy and delicious nourishment and hydration, and lots of time in my stress free, cozy workspace.  In other areas I need improvement. I will block out more time to read, stretch, create, and learn.

So how are you doing? Unfortunately this time of year can be depressing, isolating, overwhelming or challenging.  You may be engulfed by that. Dear God, help anyone in that space see that there is a glimmer of hope.  Crack open that doorway to joy, peace, and contentment whether you are changing a diaper, nearing the end of life, in a cubicle, or in a forest of trees. Crack it open! You can!

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