Perceptive: I Can, I Will, I Keep Evolving – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2020

We have the power, to be better, to be balanced naturally, better equipped and less destructive, to be kind both to ourselves and others, to be how we want to be. Perceptive, creative, decisive, learned, and courageous, we stand up for what we believe and need no other human’s approval.

Having good learning resources can be a simple gamechanger with 15 minutes of your attention. This one below is actually 18 minutes. Listen for the “Can, will, always evolving” lesson relevant and inspirational for everyone who may be stuck.

At church the sermon began with revealing to us the truth about boxers’ gloves, that they may protect from cuts and bruises but they actually cause concussions. Obviously that is not “better”. Where do we need to take off the gloves, to endure superficial scars but stop intense damage? Where are we rotely having convenient, safe interactions instead of listening, perceiving, and graciously accommodating. We must be more than observers. As Sarah Kay explains, we show up with a backpack of tools and skills, because we can and will educate and inspire. Stories do intersect, in several different ways. So think about your stance. Are you protective with hands up, maybe even with boxing gloves on, or are your hands open and responsive and perceptive, demonstrating compassion so that you can catch falling things?

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