Natural Remedies are Bettert

Just Start – Natural Remedies are Better

Sick with a horrible virus for over a week, there is no ebullient energy emanating from this weary chunk. Can I just open my computer and start typing? Yes. Little step. Good. Ok, time to take a break. I think I will go make tea, I’m exhausted and the pain in my throat needs warm liquid, natural remedies are better than disgusting Chloraseptic spray.

Remedies Already In The Cupboard

I chose Teavanna Golden Mojito tea that has pineapple in it. Earlier (2 AM) I researched and found natural remedies could be better for many of my symptoms such as peppermint essential oil for relieving congestion and pineapple juice as a great cough syrup. Maybe this will be news to you too. Pineapple has Bromelain, an enzyme/protein that helps thin mucus and reduce inflammation. Other benefits are impressive. I searched “natural alternatives to prednisone”, to kick this cough and low grade fever. Licorice root and Turmeric pack a punch like steroids. Both are in my tea cupboard already. Natural antibiotics? Garlic, Honey, Ginger, Echinacea, Clove, Oregano. Yep. I have a flipping pharmacy, to be balanced naturally. Adding garlic and red pepper to broths is the recipe for a “cold tonic” that I began using 30 years ago. Alternative medicine is in my wheelhouse.


An article I bookmarked almost a week ago was straight forward. Hindsight 20/20, it was also spot on, and if I had actually applied the information, it would have been helpful. The next time I sense that little tickle in the base of my throat, I will immediately take Zinc, and begin fortifying myself with all of the natural remedies at home. I will skip the doctor and prescriptions. Benzonatate was the one thing that did seem to help. No to the throat numbing $56 magic crap, put it back CVS. The Albuterol inhaler and Nasacort were AWFUL. Talk about an unquenchable thirst and dryness. Online Doctor, Walk In Doctor, and synthetic solutions – total fail – this virus has a timeline to respect and nurture, no doctor can change that.

With gratitude, I sip my lovely tea, write, and receive calls and texts from fam. Exciting news of perennials popping up in Chattanooga transplanted from Nashville this past Fall gives me a lift. Time to heat up some delicious soup from my son’s “bae”. I will certainly add more garlic and red pepper, maybe turmeric and oregano too, I’m on a timeline and nutrition is powerful!

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