Better and Less Sugar Please

Better Recipe and Less Added Sugar Please Del Monte

I have a new love! Truly delicious and so GOOD for me, Fruit & Oats. Can’t beat the convenience of ready made, but Del Monte, why, why, why, why do you add so much sugar? FAIL Manufacturers are defining who they are by the decisions they make with ingredients and packaging. A “Better and less” philosophy needs to be applied for this product.

Del Monte who are you? King of Sugar? So simple to make a recipe be better for you, better tasing, just with less sugar. Del Monte. C’mon! Peaches and oatmeal, cinnamon and chia seed YUM YUM YUM. Simple fix. The naturally occurring sugar present in the fruit is enough! Adding 9 grams per cup when the peaches naturally already have 8 grams, is excessive. Sure it tastes good, but I don’t want to train my taste bud satisfaction level to be so high. Maybe a lighter version will be offered. In the meantime, I will try homemade, or eat half of a container making it a 100 calorie snack that is still filling.

Better and Less

Too Much.  What is the LESSon here? 
Learn to slow down
Reevaluate, Choose, Reuse, Revamp, Tame, Moderate
Do everything To God’s Glory, thy will be done
Even just a small thing like sugar
I am meant to be well
That is who I am
Too much sugar makes all kinds of sickness
All kinds of complications
Wonderful ingredients need LESS sugar, salt, processing, preservatives
Do everything To God’s Glory, thy will be done

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