Better Perspective and Less Bias

Better Perspective and Less Bias

It was pretty, but not so much with the new look you are loving.

That way used to be the best way but is it still?

Blinded, mesmerized, or stuck, break free from your bias that creates lack of initiative, complacency, and dull routine. Try removing, moving, repurposing, and changing objects, thoughts, and activities in life.

Whether at work, at home, at church, at the gym, or anywhere out and about, consider your perspective. Put your bias in check. !!

****dining room without those four extra chairs looks spacious and inviting**** ****plant is no longer thriving, compost it**** ****mundane tasks are an adventure today, just by changing perspective**** ****things needing outside repair, it’s ok to let them go****

Sometimes, better perspective is needed every step, just to progress. I’m getting ready for a garage sale/estate sale since mom and dad downsized, again. YIKES. Not enough room, tag it all, more to bring out, how to hang a pole for clothing, how to arrange, such heavy things, so awkward, so tired, hot, cranky, ants are coming in, help may hide and may not be cheerful, crash – things fall, popcorn ceiling (why in a garage?) falling, dust, sweep, sweep again, did I mention how hot it is in the garage.

This is wonderful! Things will work out.

This entire project will help so many, family and strangers. Pieces of furniture and unused useful items going to different homes take on new life. Things get dusted, fixed, washed, hung up, and when all else fails, taken to goodwill. In a few days when money has changed hands, space is cleared, and project is complete, I will know taking a better perspective again and again was all worth it. Now, back to the garage I go. Happy Monday! Sale starts Friday and includes five generations of “pretties” and useful treasures.

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