Hollyhock Seeds for Sale

Garden Tips, Tasks, and Seeds for Sale – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

I love it when someone asks me questions about gardening because it brings more to light for me too. I have to recall names, methods, and terminology. A question from one of my daughters made me realize to plant hollyhock seeds now! We will get a plant with green leaves this year and blooms next year. I have seeds to share and seeds for sale, because I have lots of dry pods of seeds as pictured on this post.

Hollyhocks transplant well, some plants do not. You can start some where you know it stays damp and then transplant them, or you can start them where you want them to bloom. Seeds do need water and sun to germinate. I will not put them right next to the porch walkway now that I know how tall my variety are! They will be gorgeous along a fence, or in the middle of a bed like the ones I have out back.

Poppy seeds benefit from “striation” (throw them down onto the snow or frozen ground in the New Year to subject them to freezing). The flowers picture below have created dry pods now, more seeds for sale. I also have red oriental poppies. Once you get plants like these started, you will have thousands of seeds to sell and share too.

Poppy Seeds for Sale

Start yourself a little seed box. I save seed packets, envelopes etc. to reuse. Truly you can love gardening for even just 15 minutes a day. Get busy in the morning, plant some seeds, while it’s still cool. Venmo me a few dollars and I can snail mail you some poppy and hollyhock seeds. I will need your address in a pm or send it to better@akTRIM.com When all else is crazy, it is time to get your hands in the dirt.

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