Smarter Ways to Make it Better

Smarter Ways to Make It Better and Less Dysfunction With TRIM

Make it better because it is what you make of it. Smarter ways to make it better is a contemplative and active process. When you realize that everything in front of you is enough, and at the same time that there is abundance available to you, that healing is an inside job and quiet is ok, that options exist, always, that prayer can help and God is for you, and nature has limitless nooks and crannies with flora and fauna and manifestations to tickle your beautiful inner soul, when you realize your world is also paved with paths of struggle and pain, make it better because it is what you make of it.

How to let go of injustice and loss, how to make it better since it is what you make of it, these are difficult steps to take. The hurt endured is easily relived over and over, and naturally carried as a very heavy burden even though there was and is opportunity, options, and support. Today smarter actions will be to look around you and see that there is enough to fill your life, and there is more out there. Reorganize, embellish, communicate. Transform, Refine, Innovate, Master. TRIM. Make it better.

How are you challenged to make it better? Are you in your head, reliving pain, negative feelings, horrid images or are you remembering the good, seeing the beauty, planning for peaceful, productive, pleasurable pursuits? Make it better, it is what you make of it.

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