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Minimalism and Maximalism

Be both minimal and maximal? More resourceful, solution oriented, and less wasteful, minimalism is as present as maximalism in my life. I love collecting, decorating, and organizing treasures, usually go big on most projects, carry personality traits to the nth degree, and live life to the fullest every day. While I do that, I am very aware of my footprint. It makes sense to me to minimize certain things to live maximally.

Freedom to Choose Less

  • Buy books secondhand
  • Borrow from the library
  • Enjoy digital and audio books
  • Waste less, use all parts of produce
  • Work less, gotta love leftovers
  • Use less plastic
  • Avoid chemicals
  • Shop secondhand for home and clothes
  • Create less angst, choose kindness and healthful living
  • Avoid crowd protest, gossip, and possible mayhem
  • Less anarchy (support democracy, elected officials, vote!)
  • Stifle disrespect, support faith and clergy

More and more I am finding that the treasures and best things in life are often not new at the store and they are not procured with a lot of angst. They are local or even at home. They are handmade, homemade, recycled, and have the patina of love, care, and choice. My greatest pleasure, and I went big, are my four kiddos who teach me all the time so I can love life even more.

Respecting authority and our God given freedom of choice, choosing wisely, and simplifying my corner of existence so that my footprint is on track is a spiritual journey. My treasures and my pleasures may be maximalist but I try to be intentional and do minimal harm. Minimalism and maximalism are central to a lifestyle of “better and less”.

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    1. Fantastic! Just think what a difference it makes every time we reuse rather than use new. Thanks for a perfect example of minimalism. Have a wonderful day today, live it to the max!!

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