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Stewards of our Environment – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Being good stewards of our environment is not simple and requires overcoming overwhelm and changing behavior. It is best to take small steps and take a moment to feel good about each one! Perfection is not the goal. Of course the ever present inner critic and a sense of how can you possibly make any difference are thoughts …. to be silenced! “Getting out of your head” and building habits that invoke a demeanor of being a steward of our environment feels right, positive, and powerful. Restore a blissful balance between you and your footprint on Earth each day.  

Warning, this Content is

Okay it’s true, this topic seems … somewhat meh. However, give this the old DIY try, brainstorm and implement and get a little passionate about being stewards of our environment. Muscle through and GET SH*T GOING, it is so impactful. For those who are already passionate and knowledgeable about sustainable, recyclable, and eco-friendly, do the rest of us a favor and share your favorite tip in the comments below.

Methods, tricks, and practices oh my!

Less chemical and more natural solutions such as vinegar are always top of mind for me, are they for you? Do you find yourself googling “natural way to … “?

What will the recycle pickup program accept? I have looked this up several times now. Solution: post a sign near the bin/bag to encourage, inform, remind us to be good stewards.

Using less electricity, hubby always turns out lights. We are living in the dark, literally. Now if I could just get him to raise the thermostat. Brrrrr.

I have used the same wide straw from some drink I had years ago. Rinse and reuse, every time. Why did I start doing this? It was unusually wide, just perfect as a reusable straw for homemade smoothies and protein drinks. Now I am happily also a steward of the environment as I thoughtfully reuse it.

Avoiding use of plastic straws when I am out has been more of a challenge. Sometimes drinks come with a straw in them already. Sometimes I forget and rip open my straw without thinking. If it is just set on the table still wrapped and I do not use it, does it get saved or tossed?  Solution: New habit, my ordering mantra, “no straw please”.

Kuerig cups are a problem. Solution: use the rinsable Keurig basket more. I need to use up ground coffee on hand anyways, one less plastic cup each time I do!

Reuse plastic and use less plastic. Use less baggies, reusable storage bags are better. Fabric bags for carrying purchases can be used practically forever. I am using less plastic wrap, but the plate I use to cover bowls is not flat or ideal. Solution: Silicone lids have really good reviews. I always line one trash can with a dry cleaning bag (tie the ripped top together to become the bottom), which is better than purchasing a special size trash bag for this one medium size trash can. Reusing and reducing plastic is better.

Why Not Now?

The thing is, today, shut down any negativity, maybe there is a change you can make so you CAN feel the positivity and energy, maybe you will find it around good stewardship! #betterandless @betterandless 

PS Zoom on the post’s feature photo to see Mr. Gnome and Mr. Wild Turkey photobombing my reusable straw. This smoothie today is strawberry banana vanilla almond chia seed. YUM


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