Pray Over It - 15 Minute DIY

Pray Over It – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

I made a quick right turn to pop into a garage sale and 15 minutes later I am back on my way home with a beautiful stained glass cross, for a buck. I’m so glad I took the time to make the stop; that I listened to my adventurous soul suggesting “lets go”. Likewise not swayed by my inner critic “oh there is nothing there for you” I pray over it to cancel the negative and I say “YES there is”. Parking was not easy, it was hot out, and work at home was calling me. That’s ok, positivity always prevails and wherever I go there are treasures for me, interesting conversations, and warm people along my path because nowadays I always take quick sidesteps and follow inspiration as it is revealed.

When we get so busy we may conveniently excuse ourselves from important service and self-honoring moments. Not only that, we may even begin to dishonor our worth with negative thoughts and self attacks. When disturbing words loop in the mind, when you have an inner critic, negative naysayer, noting nope not now, no never, null, nill … well you get the point, pray over it! Revert to positive action, words, self-affirmation, prayer, meditative practice, breathwork, calm, incessant or isolated Jesus Prayer, mantras, whatever helps you. Don’t ignore or allow inner criticism or negativity to go unchecked. Listening to your soul, define and decide what you are and will be and will do; so that all may be well with you.

What is positivity?

Positivity is being optimistic in attitude rather than negative.

How do I pray over it?

Replace negative thoughts with positive attributions, attitudes, or whatever practices that feel most natural to you.
Example: the short Jesus Prayer stifles bad and advances good.
Embrace that possibilities for joy in life events are abundant.
Take positive actions inspired by listening to your soul.
Elevate moments in life, conquer through.
Have faith that inconsistent results will begin to fall properly aligned for good as you get out of your own way.

What is the Jesus Prayer

“Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” There are longer and shorter versions.

Joy is all about the journey and how we approach each day and all that is on our path. Remain open to all that you sense along the way. Making time, say 15 minutes, to stop at a garage sale or do other projects in this series can be quite satisfying. You have time, actually this moment is the only time you have! Replace nah with YAH!!! Flip your inner naaasty to YasssssMe! Pray over the inner critic and listen to God’s asking and offering, and then, obedience is the way through to momentous joy.

Why you need to take charge, Tools to “Pray Over It”
  • Less angst about the day ahead
  • Less self-criticism  
  • Less stewing about the past
  • Less denying happy pleasures, avoiding self-care
  • Better restorative adventures, every day
  • Better use of The Lord’s Prayer
  • Better use of the Jesus Prayer
  • Say “Stop, Cancel”, put negative thoughts in check
  • Better to smile and allow a calming breath, less feeding the beast
Garage sales are not for everyone, Amazon has treasures too 🙂
Take Action, Pray Over It and Partake in Comfort, Joy, and Life’s Adventures

You don’t have time? Pray over it, don’t let joy in life pass you by, take 15 minutes whenever an opportunity pops up. A garage sale can easily become a 15 minute adventure, wonderful inspirational treasures can become mainstays to your life. Therefore, YES, you should be ready to follow signs you notice, look for things that resonate, and positive messages that are around you. For example, turn down the street that you used to live on, park atop a hillside for your lunch break, agree to meet a friend, say yes, and make time.

Take 15 minutes to do this, and other projects in this series like this. Transform more, refine more, innovate more, master more.  TRIM. Be selective and expose your senses to beautiful things more often. Intentional self-care is powerful. Surround yourself with supportive elements. Bring it in! Break it out! Breathe it in! Pray Over It! Liberate yourself by making choices to engage all of your senses during experiences and moments wherever you are in life. Slow down and appreciate the paradise that is right here. One way to do this is to pray over it.

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