Don’t Make this Mistake, Get Best Ideas for Gifts FIRST – 15 Minute DIY Series, akTRIM 2019

Without having some best ideas for gifts, you are just walking open mindedly into Target or Kohl’s, or Macy’s or any retail store to find an awesome gift. You want to find a cool gift that is on trend and unique. Walking around forever, unspectacular items are picked up and rejected, one after another. This is because typically you find nothing really perfect or exciting, and you are unsure of pricing. You realize that once again a frustrating shopping experience has resulted. This is because a bit of online research should always be done first. This gift may be “last minute” and needed same day, but take 15 minutes to get ideas, price comparisons, and coupons before going shopping. Being a little more organized makes all the difference. Update October 2019: “Gift Guide” is now a permanent addition to the Menu. When you need a gift, take a few minutes to look there for inspiration!!

For those who want to skip the work and time to research, I did some for you. I will keep updating this page with ideas from time to time. Tech gadgets and zensational gifts such as a sound machine for deep sleep or essential oils and diffuser are things that no one should live without. NASA inspired eyeglass cleaners and options for plant lovers are HOT HOT HOT ….. Gifts for kids are hard! Here you will find a start to be expanded. More categories will be added. Everyone would love your comments below, what other categories or super cool gifts should make this Best Ideas list? C’mon … I know you have a good idea and I can’t wait to hear it.

Most recent update: One of my favorite gifts from Christmas last year (two years ago was the Robot Vacuum we named Slim) was a one year gift membership to Audible. Do the free trial – you will love it! Another item I keep hearing about and seeing in use is this Ring camera that catches video of people stealing packages from your front stoop or breaking into cars, or of a fox digging up vegetables in that raised bed that was lovingly and perfectly planted. What a fantastic host or housewarming gift, plus it is simple to install. And …. comfortable tennies, these are crucial. Men, ask your honey her size and get her some.

Going forward from October 2019 I am pinning this list to the Menu as “Gift Guide”, updates will be added there!

Best Ideas for Gifts

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