Choose JOY – Tools to Take Action to Control Your Emotions and Facilitate Successes

Inspiration – Controlling Emotions to Transform Endeavors to Success

Emotions are contagious. How well are you controlling your emotions? Are they controlling you? Are they sabotaging good things in life? Whether you are with a toddler or a “professional” peer, your smile or frown will influence results from those moments of interaction. Positivity creates the kind of environment where self-esteem and confidence, productivity, relationships, and decisions flow well. Intentionally elevate and calm your own emotions to feel the hum of balance. People will mirror your emotions, whether they are heated and counterproductive or balanced and productive. Each party will react and the level of emotion can spiral in a positive or negative way. A smile, laughter, and kindness can go so far!

Take Action – Smile, Control, Shine and Reflect

Emotions are self-fulfilling, as a mirror, a beacon, a diffuser …. it is so easy to create a positive result. Enter the room smiling and happy. Lighten your own mood and transform your potential for success, simply by smiling. Smile even as you tell someone to stop doing something. Control your go to tone, attitude, and facial and physical expressions. Make positive emotions a habit. Take action. Reading and researching are just the first step to getting results. People get stuck because they don’t take action, they just keep reading. Best intentions are often simply forgotten, especially in the heat of a moment. This brings up an integrity issue when plans are not manifested and it makes you feel even worse.

Tools – Gratitude and Reminders Can Be Helpful to Activate Intentions

Crack open your heart with gratitude. Sometimes smiling and feeling joyful are sidetracked by dwelling on expectations. Keep joy “top of wallet”. To get you started, and to bring others into the fold, some of these items below might be a good physical reminder of our goal to exude joy, and influence positive results in life, actively. Do yourself a favor, get out of your own way and stop sabotaging progress. Enjoy more successes!

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