Guided to Grow

Journey: Go on a Grow. Live Your Best Life

Can you hear that whisper? That one, filled with love and truth, telling you to change, to grow, do something specific, to go on a grow. This past week the church sermon, my perpetual calendar daily message, a Danielle LaPorte Podcast, another entrepreneur podcast, on errands, in convos with my Chattanooga daughter, pretty much everywhere, I am hearing messages affirming the necessity and benefits of change and growth with service interwoven. Further, this must be done inconspicuously, quietly, the less spectacle the better, all while moving through life, continuously growing, taking time, and in a loving capacity, building inner compassion. Change and growth indicate life and living; not dying. Thus time marks the dividing line between life and death, oh, spend it well.

It takes time, but do be careful with responses, you may find out that it was a fox and not the neighbors’ dog that tore out your new garden, maybe your positive response instead of an expected negative one is mercifully wept over, or just maybe the time you take to serve the response you want is a matter of life and death. You can exercise gratitude as a response even when there is loss. Agree to the truths, even still, there was free will to act and also present was sweetness in growth during change.

Be encouraged and guided. Choose movement and therefore expansion. Getting unstuck, you show up with time and love, naturally more self-aware and aligned. Change can be scary, but going after life, experiencing and tasting the fruits is delicious. There will be missteps. That’s ok. Willingness and desire to try things is bubblewrap for change, listening to those whispers is directional, the address on the package. Are we where we want to be? What environment are we creating? Are we flourishing or in a desert? Build, change, level up.

Change and growth from sharing, collaborating, healing, and supporting along the way, we become a force for better! Be still with yourself, listen to those whispers that come from a basis of love, trust love, follow those impulses with conviction, priority, and liveliness. You are mighty.

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