Rock Design Ideas

Rock Design Ideas – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

Is it just me or has Google search become a rabbit hole … with no rabbit. Finding a simple thing time and time again is no longer easy as the links returned are biased. “Rock Design Ideas” returns images of tons of painted rocks. Pretty, but that’s very specifically not the rabbit I am looking for. I did get a few ideas from Pinterest and from HGTV. Over the weekend I pulled together a beautiful ledge with a pot on it. It may get moved. It may get a more magnificent pot on it. The materials here were in all different places in the yard. The Weigela in the photo in the pot was just pulled up from the garden, I will continue to clip and train it into a topiary or bonsai. The plant will tell me in time what it wants to be and if it wants to be showy.

Simple Unpainted Rock Design Ideas for Artsy Yards

What are some unpainted Rock Design ideas?

Stacking several
Making a small ledge
Making a seat
Filling in small stones around rocks
Lining beds, walkways, or fire pits
Adding shells or seaglass to small rock areas
Planting between rocks
Mulching with stones
Using as stepping stones

Using in a fairy garden
Selecting a centerpiece
Stacking to create walls

Imagine Possibilities

Start with stacking several to your liking or choosing one very interesting rock to use as a centerpiece. Simple. Planting between rocks and mulching with smaller rocks may be my inspiration for my next 15 minute DIY. Typically I let my resources guide me. Whatever I have on hand come together for awhile, till they get reorganized another day.

PLant between Rocks and mulch with smaller stones

Along with the zen and the artful nature of rocks, they are a good, quiet respite from complex relationships at work and home. Rocks never complain, they have no surprise reactions, they have no hidden agendas, they are well adjusted, “as confident as a rock” should be an expression because they are never defensive and they do not insult or accuse anyone of anything. They will never use you as a scapegoat because they have no anxiety. Rocks are easy to live with, easy on the eyes and easy on the heart. They can provide a 15 minute reset so you can keep the majority of your time to muddle through reactions and build communication. There is no greater joy than family, children, and grandchildren. They will appreciate and benefit from all of your 15 minute DIY’s as much as you will.

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