Hooked on Positivity

Better With Positivity and Less Mire – 15 Minute DIY Series 2020

Going after the joy to behold in each day leads to better and better positivity. Dwelling in hardships and struggles, sitting, wasting, and missing precious nuggets of love, is not unusual. Sometimes we even have to leave behind major storylines of our life when we acknowledge that we are not blooming, that we are stuck in the mud. Often it is not a major drama to transform, but just one of a multitude of moments in the day that can be “bloomiful” … if we work it.

When we are blooming and we intentionally, actively, seek abundance, like a rose bud, the petals are reliably there, beautiful, ready to partake in full display and impart fragrance.

Hooked, can’t stop this
Living like a rose bud
In a blooming beauty abyss
Dwell not, not in the mud

Oh and that feeling
Anyone afresh to take it
Exalt in fullness revealing 
Yet broken by fretful sit

For me, one place I bloom is in nature. This is an area that just keeps giving. Ideas, solutions, satisfaction, joy, purpose, clarity, all laced with positivity come to me continuously. With concern for the environment, refining packaging to be reused in my plant care is super rewarding. Possibilities are plentiful. Satisfaction rolls like ocean waves, on and on.

Organic Material Dispenser

So many useful ideas pop up for me. Pictured above is my prototype, my invention for an Organic Materials Dispenser. With a handle and a large opening, potting soil (or whatever other material such as small stones or sand or succulent mix) is just a scoop away, and distribution is accomplished with ease. If you have ever tried to bend over and scoop from inside one of those big bags of soil on the ground then you know how backbreaking it is while you spill and make a mess.

Plastic trays and and containers from produce and frozen foods are perfect for propagating new plants. Seed starting or inserting cuttings to root requires receptacles, why buy new? Why why why?? Why?

The heavy duty plastic wrappers from Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwiches? They make perfect water catchers when you are inserting plants into odd containers. I love to stylize my plants and this makes it a breeze compared to finding just the right size saucer, one that will actually fit and work.

Stylize Your Plant

Avoid inaction. Take 15 minutes today to bloom. Concern for the environment may not be your thing, bloom where ever you find positivity. What is your skill or passion that you can go deeper on? Happiness is there for your taking. Take it, one petal at a time, more and more to a full bloom! You will get hooked!

Be glad, rejoice, be happy and joyful, God wants this for you!! Psalm 68:3

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