Look Up

Look Up, Disengage Spiral Down

Look up! Give yourself a break from that which plagues you. Look up for immediate relief, time and time again. Breathe, observe beauty, note gratitude, or serve yourself a dose of healthy nutrition or activity. When that negative little devil appears, the one who knows your weaknesses, immediately engage the polar opposite beliefs, the positive noise that is available to you.

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.” C. S. LEWIS

Looking upward is positivity in action, and deflates destructive negativity, inward or outward. Take better positioning and less stress, anxiety, perfectionism, lack of confidence, criticism, judgment, faulty assumption, miscommunication …. the list goes on. Stop, look up, breathe, see and feel the LOUD universe of love. Art not thou better?

Look Up

This night
my love is right 
Oh my gosh 
the clamor
Sounds of summer
as darkness moves in
Cicadas so loud
over childish squeals 
joy joy joy
tweet tweet tweet
zeeeee zeeeee 
bench swaying
peaceful moon
this night is LOUD
pinks, smoke blue
the Sun is setting and 
Dear God
I am so grateful 

For every moment
revive LOUD love
refrain the devil
knoweth weakness
Look up 
as if the night 
was not already 
Magic solar lights
Bottle this noise
and the scent
oh my gosh 
what are they grilling
intensely yum
flicker flicker
the fireflies now dance
this night of romance

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