Find Joy

Find Joy

Find joy in daily life. It takes active participation in what is already present, and receiving hints on what can be. Let’s be real here, there are periods when we go through traumatic circumstances and thank goodness they are temporary. Bounce back faster by letting yourself find joy where you are today. Think nutrition, herbs and spices, nature, trying new things, cozy living, sustainability, mindfulness, leaning in, learning, and accepting God’s grace.

Yesterday I decided to try something new that seemed complicated but turned out very doable. With green tomatoes from the garden, a simple dredge in cornmeal, flour, and seasonings mix, dip in milk, then dredge again and saute in a little olive oil… and …. YUM!!! So simple, my favorite food that I thought would be so hard to recreate was so easy and delightfully delicious.

Love to all! I wrote a poem to inspire you to find joy, and find joy all the time!

Find Joy

Find joy in whatever, even ginger
Oh pungent powder
Cookies, soup, tea
Look for wonderful additions

Hear the cicada celebration 
Zeeeeeee zirouuuu
Recurring cadense
Meditative peak and subside

Trying, just trying
Dredged delight
Boom! It can be done
Building my repertoire

Add this or that
Warm wellness
Broiled toast, essential oil
Perfection topped off 

Find Joy in all
Simple solutions
Creative ideas 
Natural resources 

The sounds, tastes
Feel fantastic
Scents, scenes
Everywhere find joy

Cool no swelter
"Fan" flowing
Ice and cucumber water
Swinging, breezes 

Lifelong learning
Curiosity culled
Nature, Tech, and DIY
Inspired to engage

Perfection this moment
Soothing soul
Clear all expectations
Joy is here right now

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