How to Handle negativity

How to Handle Negativity and Find Joy

The simplest solution for finding joy, for any person whatever color, age, gender, creed, or income level, is positivity. Handle negativity. Avoid and actively squelch gossip, slander, inflicting injustice knowingly, aggression, hate, or exclusion. Love America, love your neighbor, love on all. Denounce all movements to isolate, categorize, miscommunicate, or otherwise enrage oneself and others. Find joy in positivity. Feel good about your love of country and human beings and stay clear of negative things. Love America. Have no hate. Walk away from hate. With positivity, find joy.

One time I did a training at Career Day for middle schoolers. As a fun exercise I challenged some volunteers to get in the right order to spell a word for one of the greatest life and career skills. They held up large letters IIIPTTVOSY. They did eventually line up successfully to spell POSITIVITY. I was excited how well the training went and was sure I gifted some of these young people with a word and a mindset, an approach that would make a difference for them in life. Relaying The story of my great day, I was questioned by a well read person in a snarky tone, “What is positivity? Is that even a word in the dictionary?” He was a hater in so many ways, time and time again. Using my energy to balance this did serve good purpose but it was depleting. Eventually I did walk away, and I am better off.

Strive to Find Joy

Love, no hate. 
Joy, no despair. 
Positivity, no negativity 
Truth, no lies. 
Kindness, no malice. 
Peace, no angst. 
Inclusivity, no alienation.
Temperance, no agitation. 
Support, no scandalization.
Effort, no entitlement.
Goodness, no regrets.

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