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A Positivity Quote About How To Vote

Today, I fear not, I have faith. With God and a positivity quote in mind, I hope to bring mom home from the hospital, run errands, write inspiration that will resonate with a reader to make their day better, clean up a few disasters from the littles, and tackle creative projects. A full day is a blessing, especially when the obligations are aligned with my soulful spirit. It is all well and good, I am loving these days.

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”

Walt Whitman

How are your days going? Are you able to turn your back on the shadows? Are there shadows of negativity? From within? Or are they outside of you? Probably one of the best defenses, as Walt Whitman said, is to vote no, turn away, and pursue your sunshine.

Negativity, Less Please

Snickers, snarl, sneer
Narcissist, pessimist
Those who do not hear

Harassment, not protected
Misinformation, slander
Insecurities are projected

Inner critic yet another lie
Not enough, impossible
Give up, why even try

Doing things hated
Daily awkwardness
Because it is slated

Yikes. Okay enough on that for now, might add some other strains later. You get the point. Call it out. As the positivity quote says, actively turn your back on it. This is how you vote each time.

It is so beautiful and sunny outside today!! Of course, when it is not so lovely, warmth can still be felt. A smile is a curl of your lips away, and activities to fill the day are waiting to be imagined and completed. Let the adventure begin!

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