Just Start 15 Minute DIY to get unstuck

Get Unstuck, Just Start With This 15 Minute DIY

“Goal” is what I see people type, admiring accomplishments of others, and/or when we are envisioning what we might just start. Are you stuck at goal? When moving from goal to actual action is difficult, “gratitude” may help to garner some progress. Additionally, the bonus is that if all virtues begin with gratitude, then logically we will be led to good works.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”

― Marcus Tullius Cicero

Happily busy in creative ways, I engage and venture daily. For example time spent to shop, organize, decorate, cook, garden …. I putter and yes I TRIM, Transform, Refine, Innovate, and Master, like no one can. I got this, er… well, in those areas.

Get Unstuck

Where am I stuck? Far from prolific production of lots of art and craft (“goal”) as we know Picasso achieved, I am however amply prepared for great quantities of beading, sewing, lettering, painting, doing ribbon craft, collage, and origami. I am grateful for these supplies and tools, my creative spaces, varieties of modalities, words and books that inspire me, and colors and textures of interest. It is time to Picasso the sh*t out of this bounty and use it for good works; connecting, encouraging, leading, vocalizing, sharing, and loving. Further, leaning into other areas of gratitude, our core values, as a lens for work, can amplify and direct the most significant progress. For instance, gratefulness for family, God, and caring for my own inner soulful well being as a filter for my projects is my creative lens.

Words as a Container for Works


These were words in an email and added to a gratitude mandala created by Kathryn Costa. Hello and thank you! This popped up when actually searching for something else this morning, and those words connected for this post, for my goal. They are a good approach to break wide open this work from the heart, works of gratitude I am proposing.

Just Start

First just start with gratitude, and then small steps, maybe even a hop in the right direction with filtered action. Gratitude calls in more of what we are grateful for. Fifteen minutes a day, an hour, a week, take action to just start and keep going. Yes I can! Thy will be done. Become stronger and connected through purposeful activity and creation.

Mom, Dad, hubby, and children are moving, adapting, challenging, coping, giving, aspiring, and learning. God is whispering sweet ideas to me about recognizing and caring for myself as well as my family. My weekly writing keeps me on track as I just start each day and let it evolve. How will you start your day? What will you start? What is your lens?

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