how to use essential oils like lavendar better

Seven Tips for How to use Essential Oil Better

How to use essential oil? The easiest and safest ways are inhalation and topical. Inhalation is achieved with the use of a diffuser which many of us have already. A diffuser can instantly transform our environment with positive energy for whatever progress is needed. There are essential oils for healing, preventing, resting and invigorating. Every symptom or condition can be improved. You can also take oils in hand held inhalers for “on-the-go”. When treating stuffiness or any conditions associated with stress, you need that oil to be portable so you can “hit the reset button” anywhere.

What are tips to use essential oil better?

1. Use portable inhalers to treat symptoms anywhere, anytime.
2. Topical usage is better than inhalation, the oil gets into your bloodstream.
3. Simple massage takes topical application up a level.
4. Use for children and elderly too!
5. Stress causes toxicity and trauma, our condition, mental and physical. Lean into power with essential oils, use them as the stress buster that they are!
6. Frankincense enhances the effect of whatever you combine it with.
7. Some EO’s are adaptogens; pick the right one for desired results.

How to use Essential Oil? Topical is Better than Inhalation

Another even better method than inhalation is using a carrier oil and applying the EO topically. This can be as simple as using what you probably already have, coconut oil. Topical usage is even better than using a diffuser with essential oils because they can get into your bloodstream when applied to your skin.

Try it! Put a smidgeon of coconut oil in your palm, let it melt. Add a drop or two of frankincense and/or lavender and begin to mix it and rub it into your hand, giving yourself a hand massage. You can rub some into pulse points, your scalp, or any rough spot. Inhale as you do this, even using a breathing technique to intensify healing properties. It is quite restorative.

A study showed that the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s tremendously benefit from this sort of hand massage. I can’t wait to try this with mom. Children benefit from a brief essential oil massage when they are coming down with something or stressed. The underlying issue to much illness is stress. Essential oils are stress busters. Make time to use essential oils more. They are powerful, if you use them.

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power.”

Essential Oils: How to Pick the Right One

There are lots of carrier oils, so many great options. Jojoba is especially good for skin. Olive oil can be used, right out of the kitchen. There are many recipes and combinations for bath soaks, massage, and various purposes. Orange oil is particularly uplifting. Frankincense is a go to on its own and also in combination as it enhances the benefits of any other EO. Scientific healing properties in plant based essential oils, called adaptogens, can improve results by selecting the right ones to use. Good reference lists with detail are a click away, so you can pick the right one. The applications are infinite from Anxiety to Zoriasis. What stressor and issue can you work on today?

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