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Move Forward from 2020 to 2021 with Two Steps

Start with Awareness

Talk about and remember mistakes with respect, honor and gratitude, just as you honor your triumphs. Reveal truths, know where you are, and move forward. Awareness, gratitude, and action is a blissful path.

Action Step: Use Your Skills to Move Forward

Look deep in the pantry for the raisins, they are there, along with other dried fruits you have forgotten about. A HUGE bowl of cereal was terribly bland this morning, bite after bite, because I did not look hard enough for an important addition.

Take action, move forward with abilities you have honed and enjoyed in prior times. They are still there. You may have to spend a little time to make a list and to reintroduce them.

Reflect the next few days, take inventory, and go into 2021 with lots of “raisins”. Catalogue sweet additions of skill to flex your warrior self everyday in 2021. Wake up excited to rule the day, honor mistakes while you move forward to where you want to go. Make a difference!!

“Wake up and fight.” Woodie Guthrie

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