How to Find Better Habits and Easy Possibilities

Think about ruts to see possibilities. This is life changing. Find better habits rather than routinely creating the same results. Ruts can run deep.

A cycle of creating or contributing to a growing problem that then needs to be listed on the “to do list” as something to fix, causes frustration. Nothing gets done! The same old problems are easily ignored. Sometimes the problem is solved temporarily, only to resurface.

The “aha” here is threefold. First, see the rut. Secondly, demystify and identify your contribution. Thirdly, devise a solution to stop the cycle. It is possible to set yourself up to avoid that rut all together. Fairly quickly several ruts and new paths have opened for me, how about for you?

It is exciting and impactful to reflect, reject, and refine. Happy first Monday of 2021, the possibilities to find better habits for this year are limitless!!

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