Live Well, even in the weeds

This is How to Live Well; Even in the Weeds

You can’t judge a book by its cover, literally and figuratively, not if you want to live well. Creating space for …. whatever … opens up possibilities.

My predisposed ideas put me in very decisive action mode. For example, at the library, this precludes taking home many items. Nope, Yep, Nope, Nope. We are choosy. Selected online and dumped in my trunk COVID style as a curbside pickup, two of the dozen books were a bit different than what I was looking for. Little books about 6″ x 8″ is what I had in mind for my grandson who is learning reading. You know the ones, “Go Spot, Run.” My order had a few of those and also one large book that is a compilation of a series. I would have never picked that one up based on the cover size. My critic filter would have passed it up quickly. Turns out that may be our favorite. Then there was the second book, one for me, that I have the opportunity to read, that I would have passed up. Smaller and thinner, a novella. Actually it is just fine, a great opportunity for a quick read.

Criticism blocks opportunities.

Live Well

I laughed to myself when I realized you really can’t judge a book by its cover. Something that seems so small or something that seems too much is actually perfect. When you recognize constrictive thoughts, pause. Reframing, creating space for other ideas, letting go of resistance when you can will allow you all the possibilities. The benefits of letting go of obstacles and filters bring more abundance into life.

Even weeds have Possibilities , Live Well

Up until now I had one opinion of many plants that I had identified as weeds, they are bad. Connecting to reality, I am giving myself the time and space to examine each one, become preoccupied with their benefits. Who knew some of them have natural medicinal benefits? How can I not appreciate violets and the delight that they have brought to poets and herbalists for centuries? Dandelions, Stinging Nettles, Chickweed and Plantain are all here for the taking at 5536 and have value. Even if only as a much needed “chop and drop” addition to the compost pile, I have removed my filter. By the way, the Sweet Annie that I rescued last Fall is growing beautifully!

Use this tactic! Recognize constriction. Open yourself up to possibilities. Create space for whatever reality is. I wonder what you will discover today?

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