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Favorite Natural Cream with this 15 Minute DIY

With a reusable little jar and your finger and two ingredients you too can have a natural cream solution that I think you will love. I have cupboards full of salves and “natural” potions and “health” foods filled with ingredients that sound nuclear and cancerous. I discovered that shea butter, coconut oil, and essential oils can be so easily combined for a natural cream solution. It is by far my favorite cream. Like eating ice cream, compared to eating dirt, it is that much better than anything else. My go to for dry legs, hands, relaxation, itchy spots, rashy rashiness (that’s my glam way of calling out excema or psoriasis, whatever the plague may be) … it is my natural cream solution go to every time now.

Ingredients for a Natural Cream Solution

I have had the ingredients at home for over a year but I had never combined them. Its like learning about PB & J for the first time. I was inspired by the lovely Essential Oil Shea Butter gifted to me by my daughter. Lovely, it has a much longer list of ingredients, is quite pricey, has a subtle fragance, and is highly effective. When it ran out I put a few dabs of my 100% Raw Shea Butter in the same jar, planning to experiment.

What are the ingredients for a natural cream solution that anyone can DIY?

100% Raw Shea Butter
Drops of Essential Oil
Coconut oil if desired

What products can I DIY for fewer, more natural ingredients?

Body and Hand Cream
Scalp Treatment
Household Cleaners
Plant Insecticidal Sprays
Insect Deterrents
Mold, Mildew, Fungal Spray
Laundry Aids
And So Many More

Raw shea butter is a little bit thick and coarse. I added a few drops of lavender oil. Magic! Immediately the texture improved as I was mixing it with my finger and the fragrance was AH MAY ZingI Then I rubbed some into my hands. The benefits of smooth skin and lasting scent was heavenly. After a few weeks when that portion ran out, I added another glop of shea butter and lemon and geranium oils.  So unbelievably fragrant in all the right ways. For the third batch I included a bit of coconut oil along with frankincense and lemon. The texture is even better with the coconut oil.

Caution as always with essential oils, there are some brands and plants that are reportedly not good for topical use.

Always looking for food and product with a short list of ingredients, I just want simple but it is so hard to find. Hello this DIY that I created, somewhat non-intentionally. It just came together. And, you don’t have to sterilize and boil and separate or whateva … just mix it with yo finga. YAY. Skip the drama, the steps, the ingredient overload. Have a Blessed day!!

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