Living Naturally, Sharing and Celebrating

Living Naturally Everyday

Did all of this end up on my schedule because Earth Day was last week or did I actively make it a week of Earthy goodness?  Both.  Living naturally and in harmony with nature is a pursuit that is shared and celebrated by many, on and off the grid. This is my tribe.

Googling recently yielded events that often are not available like plant swaps, inexpensive tree seedlings to plant, and free eco-friendly challenges, all offerings to bolster Earth Day and Arbor Day.  Sometimes when you search there is not much organized, purposeful gathering going on.  Regardless, I tend toward God’s abundance, can always find natural activities and solutions all year, and always have.

Living naturally and in harmony with nature is a superpower.

This past week was packed. Events were happening and I partook with wholehearted joy through rain and time constraints, and stamped out any waffling commitment. I went to a plant swap, a reuse/recycle outlet, planted 10 Norfolk Pines and 7 assorted trees and bushes native to my area, participated in a 5 day plastic challenge, took glass to the recycle, began a study  of permaculture which is a totally new term to me, and fit in so many miscellaneous tasks and related activities.  I found purpose and pleasure and passion ALL WEEK.  How about you? What is your Spring like and what are your passions?

Here’s the thing.  Even though I have been like this forever and honed many skills, I am still learning so much. Living naturally takes time. All of the trees are mere whips and will need to be watered. New plants from the swap will need care. Time to read and study will have to be carved out of a busy schedule.  I am becoming more and more aware and making small steps continuously in the right direction.  I LOVE being on track and am not trying to be perfect immediately.

Perfectly Imperfect, All in Good Time

For example, Saturday I picked up cacoa (pronounced cacow like the bird noise) nibs for their yumminess and health benefits – fail – they were in plastic containers! Some ideas have been a part of my life since my 20’s like composting. New important thoughts are surfacing all the time. Did you know cans that used to be wonderfully lined with wax are now lined with plastic? I also stumbled upon caution regarding reusing plastic. I reuse a plastic Vitamin Water bottle every time I play tennis. Yay me, I thought, so clever to refill the same bottle and squirt a bit of flavor in. It has been perfect. Errr, it may actually be leaching plastic. Researching that today may reveal I have to find a better bottle to use for tennis tonight.

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