See things differently

When We See Things Differently

Probably there was a good reason to cut down that tall, majestic pine across the street. My favorite tree, I have lost myself in it, looking from my swinging bench for years now. Will the hawks and exotic sounding birds leave since their habitat way up high was chopped? I might see things differently than my neighbors, or maybe they were afraid it might topple onto their house. I have to go into acceptance mode … but I want to wail!

Good thing that great progress has been made in my backyard arboretum. I added 7 assorted native trees and bushes from Green Interchange and I labeled them along with the 10 Norway Spruce, Red Oak, and other existing growth such as Sassafras and Eastern Red Cedar. I am in planting mode since neighbeors in this established area are taking down beautiful trees. Now my favorite was felled. I think we ….

See Things Differently

ABUNDANCE: The pine needles that blew down and into the street, they were treasure to quickly sweep up before the street cleaner machine would come through. I think my neighbors felt guilty, like it was a mess every year, and would call for service because I literally had to race to get them first. Where will I get pine needles now? I will find something.

GOD’S PLAN: The leaves that fall from the trees out back, they are black gold. The science of how important it is to leave them to decompose includes the fact that there are so many types of microorganisms there that are vitally important. Leaf mulch is a free caretaker that I want to keep in my yard.

HOPE and FAITH: The whips and saplings that are small at 1 foot tall planted along the back 5, they are an arboretum. They will become a forest, provide privacy, and will flourish as I establish canopy, sub-canopy, shrub, herbaceous, ground cover, and climber layers …. covered in needles, leaves, and other forest litter, home to organisms and microorganisms.

Do you see things differently, or does this resonate with you?


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