Divide Spike for Value

Divide Spike, Flow in the Garden and Beyond

Three in one! That is good value, when you look carefully with intentions to divide spike or other purchases. I could see, the pot actually had not just one spike, but three. Once I cut through with an old serrated steak knife, perfect for the task, and gently teased the roots free, I was able to put that spike in THREE planters. No worries, they grow huge. Reliably.

Divide Spike, What Next?

Three pots? I do not want anymore pots! Logically, I tuck these tender perennial spikes into pots already established with sweet potato vine, hyacinth bean vine, Creeping Jenny, and Pentas overwintered indoors, to be put up this Fall again. I’m learning to group like with like. Weatherproof pots that can stay outside can be planted with hardy perennials. Pots that crack in freezing temps should be planted with tender perennials that also do not withstand freeze. They get moved in without a thought.

Back to my newly spiked pots. Covering those with some additional potting soil presents an opportunity to throw in some teeny tiny Coleus seed. Oh my gosh can’t you just see how beautiful these combinations are going to be?

See the hidden possibilities, divide, reuse, add new. Creativity, order, organization, resources all come together in perfect flow. Try it. Get lost in it. Imperfect progress, gets better all the time. Gardening, writing, painting, cooking, coding, cording, courting, pulling data, cutting, interviewing, minimizing environmental waste, working out, teaching, selling, preaching ….. choose activities to repeat that you enjoy, where your strength lies. Good living calls for you.

“The joy of the Lord is your strength.”

Nehemiah 8:10

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