Swinging and Praying

A Poem, Prayer and Easy Living

What is your favorite spot, when are you most peaceful? Mine is perfect for writing a poem, prayer, and easy living. Have you equipped the space with tools of comfort and production? Creativity, work, prayer, thinking, reading, and simply resting and observing beauty, in a favorite spot, are some of the best moments imaginable.

Beauty and God

Prayer and Easy Living

 My favorite bench
 For work, for tea
 It swings to and fro
 Hubby made it for me
 Just pull the pillow
 Down with a fluff
 A few more sways
 Off to dream sweet stuff
 Books close by
 Kleenex and a pen
 Matches, incense
 Relax, recharge often
 Beauty clearly hazy
 Birds sing "whee whee"
 Sweetly scented Wisteria
 Storm blows then stars to see

 Family and friends
 God Bless us all
 Pray strangers too
 Listen for God’s call
 On this bench
 I pray for you
 What matters most
 Is what thou would do

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