faith in a better tomorrow

Faith in a Better Tomorrow, Spiritually Thrive Now

Some days are just all around tough. Maladies and afflictions build up or hormones take over or crisis and trauma are centerstage. What can you do to restore faith in a better tomorrow?

Do something. Today, apparently, I will have to do several things. Even garden therapy, although productive for several hours, did not take the edge off of this summer cold or make my vision degeneration less … whelmful. LOL that cheered me, making up my own word. I wrote how I am feeling in the poem below in my very own made up style with some made up words. Why not. I can. It helps to call out those feelings and self talk.

Thrive Dive

All thatter chatter
So much atouch
Awful wrong song
Why me, crykey?

Not, one done.
Afflict selve twelve
Eyes demise
Loved doved

My faith quaith
Be still chill
Hear it spirit
Alright hol tight

Faith in a Better Tomorrow

I just read the word cookout that I typed earlier in a group text and I swear it said “cockout”. I looked again and again, it kept saying “cockout” in this group text with my tennis friends, Oh no! Did I type that? CRAP. I cannot see. Haha with great concentration I see that I did not type any crudeness. My impaired vision just made me laugh! These floaters and haziness will either go away or maybe surgery will be recommended, I must have faith in a better tomorrow.

Whether you want to restore well-being or eradicate any negativity, focus on and love the presence within you and perfection will manifest.

The Secret

It helps to share, write, go, and do. That is how to thrive in spite of afflictions, such as physical and emotional maladies. Thriving comes with faith in tomorrow, to the core, today. Reassured by my doings, I feel better already. The quote above was saved March 14, five months ago as a blog post draft, perfect today for getting on track and out of the rut. Beautiful. Today’s daily calendar, my featured image, are words I needed to be reminded of. God has my back, my troubles and solutions. it is all coming together and I have faith in a better tomorrow while I thrive now ….. and make up words to share obtusely.

Thanks for reading, I hope this inspires and tickles your core, if you are having a tough day.

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