Giving Space

I have greatly benefitted from a meditation suggesting that we visualize and separate our inner critic, giving space to it. I see mine as a rag doll, soft and sweet, always protective and preventive, and very destructive and distracting. Now I can visualize it. I grab it by the waist and gently set it on a bench.

This week It dawned on me that I need to move that bench way out, away from me. I also realized that I need to make space for my inner fan, on a bench close to my heart.

People say, “we are taking a break, giving each other some space”. I didn’t think I had a person I am taking a break from, but actually I do. Best friends from childhood and terrible memories will remain incommunicado. There is no good reason to revisit the past. I rely on my faith. Everything is already forgiven, by Jesus’ resurrection, we are saved from having to work through unfortunate transgressions.

What are you giving space to?

I will give space to my inner fan, my confidence, and do positive works. My space today will be filled with tennis, art, shopping errands, and quiet time. With space for healthy actions, rubbing on some of my homemade herbal oil is so relaxing. For muscle, joint, and bone pain, Arnica oil with St. Johns Wort is a great option if you do not make your own but want to make space for well being.

giving space

The wellness fest this past weekend was inspiring. There was space for massage, yoga, herbs, healthy foods, natural remedies, physical activities, handmade jewelry benefitting struggling women, and healthy options booth after booth. I’m so glad I decided to go!!! I almost did not, but I benched my negative inner critic and ignored that chatter.

I say Yes!!! Today I am finished here and now on to other things on my list. What will you make space for today?

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