trust your inner knowing

Trust Your Inner Knowing

It’s so cold out, should I go play tennis? If it’s not raining, I will, regardless of the cold. I remind myself, I Must! Trust your inner knowing and take action. For over a year now I have had floaters that create a veil over my eyes that I look through but while I still have my vision and I can see the ball my answer to play is YES! One day I don’t want to be saying, “why didn’t I play more while I could still see.”

Overwhelm obstructs progress. Do what is logical and right in front of you, while you can! Trust your inner knowing. The pleasure of time well spent hits all of the senses in just the right way. Be open. Hear next steps. Do it. The critic will be rambling in your head about all of the impossibilities. Don’t be tricked. What is possible is right there and lovely.

I’m not saying to worry about the future, but let’s be practical. Whether it is eyesight or a car accident, we are all vulnerable. The sweetness of today is being broadcast to listening ears. Joy to the World!

Trust and Wisdom In the Garden

A couple of weeks ago the temperature here went from 70 to 20 while we had company. I had unharvested vegetables. I decided to do what I could with frozen amaranth and I hung it in the garage to dry. After a week I powdered it. It’s fine, I will be adding it to my smoothies. I mean you hear of freeze-dried and basically, I think I freeze-dried my amaranth. LOL. Trust your inner knowing! It’s not like it has turned into a poisonous toxic substance. I took the hand as dealt, and played with it.

Writing about the freeze and potential loss reminded me about another experiment with green tomatoes and I just quickly ran to a drawer filled with them to find that as expected, they rotted. What did I learn besides that as I had thought, you must harvest green tomatoes before freezing temperatures?

First it was endearing that in my agony sweet hubby was uncharacteristically optimistic and said “try the drawer ripening, what have you got to lose?” Second, I might not have checked that drawer till the wood had rotted if I was not posting here today and remembering. Third, I struggle with whether to continue posting to this blog, but by trusting my inner knowing to keep on keeping on, it is expansive for me. I benefit from reflection. The recording of favorite things comes in handy such as when I want to make lavender oil again exactly as before or if I want to plan for the New Year.

Those rotten green tomatoes reinforced for me that this blog, intending to serve others with jolts of awareness and steps to take action, also brings great benefits, awareness and action for healthier living and joy in my life.

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