Cultivation Prayer for the New Year

Voltaire’s advice : “One must cultivate one’s own garden.”

What will survive in the garden after the crazy cold snap? I am reading books to inspire and plan better cultivation such as adding more native and less exotic or invasive plants in my garden. Reading to also cultivate the love in the garden of mine own heart warms my soul.

Happy New Year lovely, beautiful, sweet one! Have you planned and set goals yet? Settling into the new year, several words have emerged after deep thought about how to shape my attention and intentions for 2023. It is important to filter our activities with the end in mind… unless we just don’t care what happens in the end lol. “Accept” and “Iconic” will hopefully drive me to produce loving connections and live large!

At Christmas I wrote a prayer that includes some lines from Christmas Carols, because they struck me as so uplifting. They are iconic! Sharing this with you today below, and praying for acceptance (but not with indifference no no no) to drive us all home, to be together, choosing our citizenship in Heaven, through Jesus Christ.

Cultivate Prayer for the New Year

Prayer and Cultivation for the New Year 

Tidings of comfort and joy! 

I feel God’s perfect love.  A love which I can only strive to also project. I am becoming closer to God every day. This is our purpose in life, it is called Theosis. God loves us so much and no matter our choices His love is steadfast.  In this we can remain confident.  He will not restrain our freedom of choice, this is his perfect Love.  

His incarnation in the birth of Jesus, as the one, and only, begotten Son of God, was gifted to us to reveal the way for us as humans. Christ is Light of Light, and true God of true God.  I receive the gospels, I do not judge them, I trust them. The Bible instructs my choices, whenever I make the effort to read it. God’s eternal love through Jesus Christ is how I find my way through each day. I falter, I pray, I am loved. 

Hark the herald angel sings. Glory to the newborn King.

I pray to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to help me love more perfectly, to accept other’s choices without judgement as their God given freedom.  I put on the armor of God! I fortify myself by reading scripture. I pray to radiate beautiful light that comes from knowing Jesus and choosing him, unlike the choice Pontious Pilate made historically. Jesus was innocent, humbled in a crown of thorns, and broken. Pontious, with the power to choose, chose a simple path, to appease the demonic crowds. In similar circumstances, in all moments, I pray for strength and courage to choose, with my heart’s knowing of good and evil, God’s desire.   Jesus’ life and teachings demonstrate all that we need to proceed faithfully, righteously, lovingly, and perfectly. Amen.

O come, all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant

O come ye, o come ye to Bethlehem

O come and behold Him, born the King of Angels

O come, let us adore Him

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