Iconic Gardening

Iconic Gardens

Expanding my yard by removing invasive non-native plants and restoring more native plants is one of my exciting plans. Nothing less than iconic gardens are in the works. Already cataloguing plants with the Picture This app, that have been in my gardens for years, I realize I do have a lot of native plants. No wonder they are so easy to grow, propagate, and share. Then I think of so many that quickly petered out. I realize now that they were non-natives, cultivated and exotic.

Along my “back five” (15 or 20 yards deep in some spots) there is invasive euonymus vines everywhere. It will be a huge chore to pull them out. Invasive species choke out natives, and then other dependents such as birds and butterflies fail to thrive. My daughter recovered one section a year ago. As I continue this work to pull the vines I can tell that the soil is rich for planting seeds. I will target the monarch butterfly which needs support, since it is endangered.

Iconic Gardening

I LOVE being on TN Environmental Council email list. Notification to buy trees and seeds is helpful. Emails also communicate and teach how to provide support and volunteer for this organization. They are bringing attention to things that matter to me, like improving the habitat for humans, creatures and plants, trees, and all living species.

Create iconic gardens by paying attention to your intention. Listening and learning, caring for others, and bringing back natural order by reorganizing and nourishing are all joyful pursuits. Plant trees, grow native!!

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