Happiness Acceleration

Happiness Acceleration

A week of freezing weather hit Nashville while I was busy with company who had arrived when it was 75 degrees out. I messed up, leaving plants outdoors. Some were in pots and some were on stalks needing to be harvested. As I recalled each variety or pot forgotten, I was miserable. Total loss.

No. Not true. I could not say for sure. Using my gifts of hope, positivity, resourcefulness, and tenacity, precursors to happiness acceleration, I addressed each calamity looking for opportunity. I made rescue plans and devised experiments. Amaranth leaves, although frozen, may still dry and be powdered for smoothies. Green peppers actually were ok. Tomatoes that were very cold and somewhat frozen are in a drawer, wrapped in a cloth. They might still ripen. Gomphrena is now hanging to dry in the attic and it will be interesting to see how the look varies from the little bundles I harvested awhile back for dried flower bouquets.

The point is, I could have just thrown up my arms and called it all a freaking disaster. I did stew and worry. Then, each time I remembered something else suffering, I reframed possibilities, embraced what nature had in store for me, and took action. God instilled in me a talent for gardening. Why would I give up and not try? I decided to persevere. Positivity pursued repeatedly begets mastery. As Joseph eventually learned, when you are in your lane, and find beautiful results, or challenges, Glory be to God!!


Believe my friend    
There is enough
We can have both
This and that stuff

Get past limits
Move right on
Towards the goal
A success  vision 

Do you want love
Maybe some treasure
Time to play
Creative pleasure?

Make an intention
I have, I am
What I want
How I jam 

Purposeful why
Enables for me
Gifts unleashed
Destined to be 

Line in the sand
Draws ire to face
Limits from beliefs
To release and replace!

See the new outcome
Choose the right movie
Happiness acceleration
Rerun repetition is key

Surround yourself
Right ways and people
Pray spiritual wellness
Be blessed and thankful.

Yes, I could listen to my limiting beliefs and not write. Too busy, waste of time, nothing to share, no skill, give up already!! Today I choose to pull together and offer this inspiration, hoping for any reader, love and happiness acceleration.

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