slow down to stillness

Slow Down to Stillness

It is a conscious effort to slow down to stillness. When we do, we achieve a healthy stillness, for physical, mental, and spiritual well being. It is in these moments of pause that we learn and sense and experience. Getting caught up in excitement is fun but slowing down to savor things, life, people, nature … that is AWEsome.

When I slow down and actually chew my salad, I can taste so many delicious flavors. A few days ago, most of my salad was gone, practically inhaled, when I realized I needed to slow down. I needed to SIT down, geez Louise, I am retired! What is my hurry these days?

Chew Chew Chew. I tasted the twangy horseradish flavor of mustard greens. Chew Chew. Oh yum, I love the peppery flavor of arugula.  Zip! There’s that lemon thyme that I carefully grew, harvested, processed, and added to this salad.  WOW I love garlic chives! Freshly cracked pepper and Himalayan salt dress this salad beautifully with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar. With slower consumption, I notice the sausage and cheese from my Farmington Hills connection both have sharp, very distinguishable flavors. 

Thank goodness I stopped to chew and slowed down to write and capture the experience. It’s a good salad! I harvested enough of everything for a salad the next day as well. maybe this time to remember to enjoy the entire salad and not just the last few bites.

Boo and Poo

The kale is not my favorite texture. It doesn’t have much flavor, but it is the bulk of my heathy greens lunch and the reason I chose this menu. It packs a huge punch nutritionally. If you are having any digestive issues your colon may just need some greens for magical relief. Again, it is important to slow down to stillness, and actually pause to chew in between bites. Chewing to give our body a fully macerated food for better digestion is gold. It sounds so stupid and simple but I’m clearly not the only one needing to learn this lesson identified for many positive results. I am adding this to my “let’s be intentional” list.

Help slow down to stillness


I guess I was really wound up, eating so fast, while leaning against a counter. Just back from the Goodwill bins, I had so many finds, great treasures and doo dads! Some are laid out on the dining room table. I can’t wait to show my son‘s girlfriend all of the skeletons, ghosts, spiders, black fancy ribbon etcetera for her Halloween decorating that she loves so much. Can’t wait!

Daily freedom to schedule whatever adventures, creative pursuits, productive work, or reflective time I desire can be …… heady! After lunch I was going to go do some returns at stores and recycle all the glass bottles. So what is so exhilarating about that? Why was I rushing to finish lunch, why was I standing?  Do you get like this too?

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