Perfect Mindful Moments

How To Experience Mindfulness Moments

Enjoying time for personal reflection, I find wonderful support from articles on psychology, from Eastern Orthodox spirituality, reading about the Lives of the Saints and the short recommended daily readings from the bible, and from philosophical thinkers such as the stoics. Podcasts are also a great source of understanding and positive inspiration. Mindfulness moments can be learned and maximized for great benefit!

HERE is an article by Melanie Greenberg Ph.D. in Psychology Today that proposes 9 qualities of mindful moments. An abbreviated excerpt follows.

Focus on the Present not the past or the future, think about what you are experiencing now. Be open to how things unfold, rather than having preconceived ideas about how things will or should turn out.

Be spaciously aware of whatever you are experiencing now. What do you feel in your body? What are you seeing, hearing, doing?

Be Open rather than dreading and shutting out your own feelings and experiences. Welcome with curiosity any thoughts, feelings, and sensations knowing they can change. Experience the flow of change.

Non-JudgmentDon’t categorize as good or bad, or try to change thoughts and feelings. Don’t feel compelled to act on them. All feelings have a purpose, whether to protect you from danger or open you to love. Extend this non-judging attitude to other people and things.

Mindfulness Moments of Acceptance

Acceptance of Things as They Are—Don’t try to force or change reality to fit your vision of what it should be. Stop bemoaning as a victim. Let it be as it is and tolerate what comes up. Extend this acceptance to others.

Mindfulness moment

Connect—to all living things and nature being part of a larger whole. Reflect on and feel grateful for the cycle of life and the food, beauty, and protection that nature gives us. All living beings want to feel happy and secure, avoid suffering, and all have similarity of needs and experience.

Non-Attachment—Do not try to hold onto things, people, or experiences. Life is in constant flow. Attachment comes from fear and is the basis of suffering. Learn to surf the wave of life, going with the flow and being confident in your own ability to adapt. When one door closes, another opens. Yes!

Peace and Equanimity—Maintain an even-keel, not getting too swept up in life’s highs and lows. Life is a cycle, you can’t see the whole picture at any one moment. When things don’t go your way, stay firmly rooted with clear vision and values. Walk with a peaceful heart and adopt a non-harming, non-violent attitude.

Compassion—with yourself and others. Open your heart, listen and try to understand your own and other people’s experiences. Feel other people’s suffering. Love people not for what you need from them, but because you connect and empathize with their experiences.

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