to be free

To Be Free

“We can all be free, but only if we learn to assign paramount value to what we can control (our motivations and reactions), treat what we cannot control with equanimity, and view our circumstances as opportunities to do well and be well, no matter what happens to us through misfortune or the actions of other people.” This summary of Epiticus’ book by Princeton University Press is spot on.

Whether you are working full time, a student, a retiree, homeless or in prison, you can be free. You are free to make the moments and the days better.

to be free like a redbud

To Be Free

All day long, day after day
Or just moments to be free.
Do what you know is better.

And in your zone of genius
Explore and observe
Find awe and wonder,
Nature baby, get nature.

 Forgiving, moving forward
 Love, Love oneself, others 
 Reach for positive feedback
 Follow heart, listen. 

Activities purposely resonate joy
Align thoughts, emotions, values
Awake well being, excitement
Time flies, yet treasured.
Homemade, healthy, relaxed
I am available to be free
List, relate, create, write
Organize, wash, discover.

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