magical and cozy

Open for Magical and Cozy

The simplest solutions, sometimes magical and cozy, are often just eluding our awareness. If we open our minds to possibilities, better results may follow. We are wired, programmed, and habitually trained to respond, receive, perform, and expect same old same old, unless …. we rewire ourselves. In 2024 I want to be more open to possibilities by remembering that there is a spot in my brain that is not programmed. It is open.

I can pause and rethink expectations, relationships, and responsibilities. I love that I can literally see that open spot in my mind’s eye. It is 3D and looks like a very shallow vortex. See it believe it! Haha. It is awesome how I can instantaneously visit it. When shackles and judgement might fall aside, a more gracious, purposeful, transcendental, and optimal living may be revealed. Original thoughts that are upsetting can be transformed as better evaluation and understanding emerge.

I have settled on three words for 2024 for myself. Along with “open” and the prospect of transforming, in the moment, I am also excited for filtering daily operations with ” magical” and “cozy” vibes ahead. What are your strategies and focus today?

Magical and Cozy

Running my retirement like a business, I have a different focus everyday of the week. On Monday I compose. This first Monday of 2024, as I write, the beautiful classical piano music is a magical background. Hot mint tea, a snuggly sweater, and a comfortable chair soothe me as I cozy up. Of course I want to write and enjoy this few hours under these circumstances.

Magical and cozy

This idea to recognize what has fallen into your hands when you are in that open, magical and cozy space is gold. Everything you touch can turn to gold, or something else, which can be ok too, if you are open. Happy New Year!!

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