Herbal Smoothie with Amaranth leaves

Herbal Smoothie

Protein shakes can be notched up for better health benefits. An easy way to get a daily dose of greens, medicinal herbs, and protein is by making an herbal smoothie. I use a nut or oat or cow’s milk, yogurt, frozen fruit, spices such as ginger and cinnamon, protein powder, powdered greens and herbs, nuts and seeds. I adjust ingredients depending on the flavor profile I am in the mood for. Baseline go to is a simple banana flavor that my daughter suggested. It’s good to have a fallback for when you feel uninspired.

I freeze chunks of peaches and whole blueberries in their picking season. Whole figs are frozen before the ants and birds get them. Banana halves are frozen without the peels, two or three bananas at a time. They are even better for you if they are slightly green. I can’t remember why, lol, but that is my goal. Oh here, from ChatGPT … Gosh I love ChatGPT. Yes! Go Green!

Herbal Smoothie Plant Additions

Speaking of green, my favorite healthful addition to protein smoothies are plant greens. You can buy powdered greens. I have a jar. What I most enjoy though is harvesting plant material myself, in quantity, letting it dry, and then powdering it in the bullet. Sometimes I do a whole batch and jar it up in saved or thrifted grocery jars or mason jars. Other times I start my smoothie with a hand full of dried or fresh greens. Just add them whole and then … pulse, pulse, powder/chop ’em up! I have tried lemon balm, mint, and amaranth leaves, chickweed and purslane. It is an entirely different texture when they are fresh.

Herbal smoothie

I run into peoples’ fears and bias about plant material …. as if it can harm us. Well … whatever. If ignorance is bliss I’m glad they are so happy!!! Of course there are a couple of toxic plants. DUH. There are also a million healthful ones that were in everyday use before big Pharma brain-washed us. We now have forgotten free, natural cures. The actions (such as diuretic, expectorant) of herbs cover way too many maladies to list. Headache, sore throat, insomnia, cold sore, depression, and so on. My favorite thing about an herbal smoothie, or a tea, a tincture, oils, balms etc…. well…. so many favorite things …. But personally, I feel stronger mentally and physically, calmer and well.

herbal smoothie and tea

I hope you feel inspired to partake of God’s design for well being! He pretty amazing. Full of awe and gratitude, be well my friend!!

Herbal Wellness

Blowing in the wind
Eternally my friend
Nutrition in all parts
Warmth to our hearts

Use daily and feel
Wellness, poised to heal
Releasing, restoring, calming
Soulful and physical balming

Herbs are for me
A system of happy
Growing, always there
With supportive care

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