Majestic Soul

Majestic Soul

I see you and your awesome rareness.  You are a majestic soul. Like a seed, explode with the value of who you are. Listen to the whispers of your soul, tend to yourself with water and sunlight. There is greatness within you!! Transition is possible by trusting yourself, respecting, releasing, and believing in your innate goodness.  Let it flow. Grow. Bask in the light. 

majestic soul

The above was written a few years and published with just the first paragraph and picture. Since then, I have learned a few things. Amazing how we can grow, heal, and adapt.

…rejoice, because your names are written in heaven.

Luke 10:20

Prayer, gratitude, and praise have become central to my day. Truly. We are human and divine. Truly. Connection with your majestic soul starts with looking at yourself in the mirror, saying your name and giving yourself love. Just as an example, say your name aloud, and try saying something like “You are a kind and loving soul.” Tailor what you say to resonate with you and make sure to say your name. Connect with oneself, daily, to remember purpose and values. After you brush your teeth, look deep into your eyes and show love. Beautiful.

Using Your Majestic Soul for Further Connection

Why not further your connection to others? With additional emphasis on quality of connection by looking into someone’s eyes and pausing to sense their lovely, special persona, emanating from deep within, is magical. What if we all respected ourselves and others for our majestic souls whenever possible. We are human and divine. At least, we can be. It’s worth giving this a try.

“Connect” is one focus of mine; I have 7 different focus, one for each day of the week, although there is a lot of overlap, especially on Thursday when my focus is “complete”. Thursday I have time to finish up activities and projects from other days. I looked carefully at my values and came up with a plan to execute life with appropriate filters. Yes, I run my retirement like a business. I crack myself up!

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