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Good Morning Revamped to Start Your Day

I may have awakened in a terrible mood but I can transform that. Put a smile on and I feel a bit better. Praise God in song and gratitude and I move further along the spectrum toward joy. I may be sitting, stuck waiting for car service now, but the day is young. Outside later, I will look for and appreciate all of the beauty God creates incessantly. Even from here, perched at a counter at the dealership, I am enjoying a view of bare, craggy but stunning trees, interspersed with greenish yellow cedars and darker green hollies. The sun is shining on rolling hills. A church spire rises up as if connecting Earth to Heaven, and that, my friends, is … warming my heart, making for a good morning. So, start your day!!! It’s never too late.

Good Morning revamped to start your day

You can sing this song below!!! Or not, lol. You know the “Good Morning To You” simple song melody. Make a joyful noise! I wrote this poem over several days when I was in a much more joyful state. Today though is my day to publish a post, regardless of how I am feeling. As I edit and complete my writing, I am caught up in praise and feel certain that my bad mood has passed. How could I feel anything less than that there is potential for bliss?

Good Morning Revamped

Good morning dear God 
Good morning to Thee
I feel very cheery
And not very weary 
Good morning to you
All day I’ll be true

Have mercy dear God
Have mercy for all
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
I Pray and I know you hear it
Your mercy oh Lord
On us you have poured

Your love for all time
Your bells of truth chime
Intricate environmental treasures
Eternal Heavenly pleasures
With you resides my hope
Grace and a lifeline rope

Start Your Day Anytime

It is awesome if you can start your day feeling cheery but it is possible to attain greater peace at any time of the day. Pause, breathe, smile, take comfort, rest if you are weary, see the beauty, feel the gratitude, commune with hope and grace. Love you.

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