Stronger by Design

Stronger by Design

Planned weight loss, toning, release of what is holding you back, organization of possessions and thoughts, creative and spiritual progress, is a matter of decision, vision and action. Developing a system to reinforce beneficial behaviors is a sureshot way to succeed and be stronger by design. What is a perfect design?

Recently I was reflecting on freedom and how a properly designed system can keep you on path and feeling safe. Can you think of a time when you could explore, experiment, leap, whatever without any fear? As “littles”, we had our parent(s) providing the guardrails for our carefree/careless pursuits. In general, we have God, always supporting and caring for us. With freedom of choice, as adults, we can also use design work done to aid us choosing our activities, and funnel our time here.

Safe, No Fear

In 2020 I was in Key West with “my man” who had no interest in going to a garden (free admission!) that I had read about. I was thankful for GPS allowing me to strike out walking on my own with no idea which way I was going. What a good mood I was in! What an adventure I was on! It was a lovely day.

After a while and a few turns I was at Atlantic Avenue as the GPS had guided me. Oh me gosh!! It just clicked that I would be walking along the ocean. My heart races even now to remember the beauty and details of that walk, always with the ocean in view, along sidewalks, through parking lots, across grassy areas, passing boat launch areas, and sometimes beachy sandy spots. “My man” would never know how much he had missed. I paused to sit on a boardwalk and watch pickleball. At a boat launch area there were interesting shells and sponges to collect.

Fear, Not Safe but Beautiful Adventure

At one point there was a catwalk, made of metal grating, that extended SO FAR into the ocean. It was not the kind with boats pulled up and docked. It was just several feet wide and barely above the ocean, with water visible on both sides and below. There were only a couple of people around, fishing. I was afraid but I HAD to walk out. When would I ever be out and about and have this kind of opportunity. I could barely breathe. Total fear and beauty simultaneously consumed me. There was no good design out here, no guardrails, no comfort. But it was breathtaking!!!! The ocean was forever. On my way back to “my man”, I did not go out there again.

Beautiful Adventure, No Fear, Perfect Design

Stronger by Design

I digress. Finally arriving at the garden, I was about to get another serving of breathtaking beauty, although this time, with perfect design. I knew I was in for a treat, even the path leading in had so much beauty and interest. Once inside I was greeted and on my way with a map.

This was the most beautiful garden I have ever seen! I was in heaven, definitely. I discovered that I did not need the map and could just focus on the foilage, hardscape, and statuary everywhere, because I could keep walking and shortly there would be a dead end. Each dead end had a theme. There was a succulents area, a butterfly garden, a maze, an orchid gazebo, and so on for about 25 different gardens. I would just wander along and if I was thinking I was taking a turnoff and then came to another actual dead end, then I knew I had missed a theme garden and could backtrack.

Imagine a huge loop with lots of short extensions. A path where you can wander to your heart’s delight, but never fear getting lost. This is perfect design.

Stronger by Design Structure for Each Day

This is how I am approaching daily living now. Creating dead ends for important things, I am adding structure to my path. Achieving progress I can enjoy each step along the way, getting stronger by design. The rewards are plentiful, the adventure is fine.

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