not today

Not Today

Wow the world looks different when you are sick, or hormonally off, or hurt. I have a cold, again, and everything I look at is overwhelming, and I respond in a negative way. Whereas usually, all I can see, is potential, grand visions, possibilities, love, beauty, and magic. Well that ain’t happening, not today.

Garden of Joy Not today

Not Today

Stuffy, sore, sick
There is no way
Spirit is glum
Not today

Look at that
I can't imagine
Create beauty?
Not my passion

Warm sunshine
Garden of joy
Looks quite dead
Not to enjoy

Break barriers
Open doors
Can't be strong
Not for you or yours

Less for me now
I am not whole
Must get better
Not a negative soul

How to navigate your condition? I think you simply start with “less” if it is temporary. Knowing that everything will again shine with fairy dust, take a while to just rest. Rest and do less until better. Permanent maladies give perspective to me, a reason to feel grateful that this is just a cold and I will feel better soon.

Gosh those longer lasting or even permanent ailments and injuries, emotional and physical, really kick one’s butt. You can be hurt by someone or something for 10, 20, 50 years! Lose limbs or senses, try and adjust to that! Okay, things are not so bad. I just won’t conquer the world, not today.

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