seasonal transitions

Seasonal Transitions and Endangered Rescue

It is the time of year to harvest and plan propagation strategies, before the killing frost. For me, that will come tonight. I was not really emotionally ready for seasonal transitions. The flowers are still beautiful outside and the weather has been lovely. I felt the pull of keeping the status quo. However, you cannot deny the leaves are all falling, critters are migrating, and the weather is changing. Ha! C’mon! Halloween is tomorrow!

I planted and potted up, gathered seeds, and took cuttings of Coleus and other warm climate perennials(even from mature Eggplants). As I did, I had a very special visitor, and love of mine requited.

Milkweed Volunteer for Endangered Monarch

Queen Ann’s Monarch

He came by today.
All summer, I waited away.
Wondering, also enticing…
Planting all sorts of seeds.
I nurtured volunteers;
Droppings of Milkweed
His favorite indeed.

He arrived without a sound.
Circled me around.
I stood very still, 
How did I know?
He would circle again.
Three times in all.
It was magic this Fall

Upon the Zinnia he did pose.
Wings open, wings close
Flutter up up up 
Then soaring off, aside
Returning to return
Landing again next day
Eggs laid on volunteer way.

Seasonal Transitions

As it turns out, the transition of my garden has given me great inspiration. Beds and pots and plant shelves were actually quite stale and stagnant, all changes were surprisingly good. It is satisfying to redesign, move, prune, and rescue all sorts (plants and my Monarch) with a plan for Spring profusion. Letting go makes way for even better living with lessons learned. Awareness of my emotions and being careful to accept rather than to control or label as right or wrong helped me in this seasonal transition.


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