Life in the Garden with volunteers

Life in the Garden with Volunteers Poem

Volunteer to Cheer or Jeer

I almost pulled it, 
 Best before gone to seed!
 If it’s a flower, it not too pretty!
 But is it a weed?
 Handy identification app
 Hmmm. What do I see?
 Gamochaeta Purpurea
 Everlasting, could it be?
 If tis Purpurea here and there,
 Indigenous to North America
 Endangered somewheres
 Not here by gah!
 Sweetly fleeting, tweeting birds
 Always bringing treasure
 Volunteer sprout surprises
 Often delight beyond measure
 Could be invasive,
 Should I take the risk?
 "Kinda wobbly" and plain
 Not nice Thumper, tsk tsk!
 Research and time,
 Who knows botany I will find.
 This could be an herb,
 Medicinal, beneficial, my kind.
 Dandelionish puffs now
 Replacing not pretty flowers
 Take flight and disperse
 Bespeak forage or weeding many hours.

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